Monday, June 4, 2007


Helium-filled balloons pat at my face enthusiastically as I sit in the back of Lea's car. We have just finished watching a film (Chinatown) at Eric's place and Dave, in the front seat ahead, will be the first drop-off. The rushing warm night air from Lea's open window separates us with loud silence and I become a distant observer. I can see them both smiling. Dave is in profile speaking to Lea who is watching the road, her shoulders shaking with laughter now and then. Dave glances at me to include me in the joke I couldn't hear and I grin, silver balloons batting my left ear. Clutching at one of innumerable soft toys that get scooped out of the way whenever Lea gives us a ride anywhere (which is often) , I feel happy and giddy and lucky and a part of something.

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