Saturday, March 28, 2009

Space I

Cool woodstone steps circle crisply, descending into shady boundless bole.                          

This hidden open space houses seekers in thought, singly joined in contemplation's continuum.

Rings ripple outward marking stationary time.

Leafwinds breeze overhead, showering assurance of shelter.

Mind-motes mill and meander, circling pools of warm woodlight, growing small and expansive.

Some shiver and still, bewildered and chill, overwhelmed from within, febrile gyre-spin, until;

Inhalation; fir tree pincushions color aroma with spiced forest floor. Focus.

Tracing out the grain eases knots smooth, finds oblivion-balm in awareness of awareness.

Lost and found, all tread their way to a simpler place.

Glitters of fresh-faceted reflections gather;

Here is a moving stillness, bustling tranquility, rich void; the foot of the staircase unwinding into the world.