Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Ladies

[Early morning commute]

Windswept, red-brown wavy hair falling just below her shoulders. Tousled tresses frame hazel eyes. She is wearing brown cords and a green waterproof coat. Merrels make her look ready for an adventure. Talking on a cell phone she sweetly signs off, "Happy Valentine's day darling". After a contented pause the romance is tied up with her long wavy hair, twisted and piled into a clasp high on the back of her head. She covers her eyes with shrewd reading glasses, takes out newspaper and pen for the crossword. Her lips purse in concentration, her legs cross. The only remaining sign of passion is the green-russet twinkling promise of her earrings, uncovered when she tied back her lustrous hair.

Tall blonde waiting at the door. High cheek-boned model-pretty face with wide full lips. Long black and white wool dress coat. Listening to music. She sits opposite me. Black slipper shoes, patterned tights on slender shapely calves, graceful knees just visible at the hem of her coat. The coat parts here and her lap is covered by a short black pleated skirt. A red scarf accent at the throat. She soundlessly sings along to her music unselfconsciously, shaking her hair, happy smile on her lips.

Breathless red curls bounce. Pink fluffy sweater matching pink cheeks. She is late. Heels click fast, hips sway.